Consort Jia

Concubine Jia (Chinese贾 贵人/贾 贵人, Pinyin Jiǎ GUIREN; maiden name unknown) was an imperial concubine of the Han Emperor Ming.

She was 57, the mother of Prince Liu Da, the later Emperor Zhang, when Emperor Ming was still crown prince. Since Prince was back arrangement adopted by Empress Ma to Emperor Ming, the aunt of the concubine Jia. The later Emperor Zhang knew his biological mother's identity but that do not treat her as a mother. Only after the death of the Empress Dowager Ma in the year 79, he allowed her to use the sign of an imperial princess, but not of an empress mother, and her brothers ( his uncles ) were not honored.

  • Born in the 1st century
  • Died on the 1st or 2nd century
  • Woman
  • Han Dynasty