Constance Mayer

Marie -Françoise Constance Mayer -La Martinière, better known as Constance Mayer ( born March 9, 1775 in Chauny, Picardy, † May 26, 1821 in Paris) was a French painter.


Mayer was a pupil of the painter Jean -Baptiste Greuze. At twenty, she was accepted in 1795 at the first exhibition of the Parisian salons and in the coming years, she exhibited regularly.

About 1798 she met the painter Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, and became his student. She supported the somewhat geschäftsuntüchtigen painter financially and fell later in him. When it was his wife in 1800 came in a mental hospital, she took care of Prud'hon's children, led him sometimes the budget and established for him important contacts to the imperial court. That Prud'hon was hired as an art teacher for Empress Marie -Louise, went back to their placement.

During this time, Constance Mayer created many works whose assignment turns out to still be difficult. Many of these pictures have been sold under the name " Prud'Hon ", to thereby obtain a higher price.

As Prud'hon from the Sorbonne was provided with an apartment studio at his disposal, he made ​​sure that they, too, got an apartment (also with studio ) assigned to the same floor.

It is no longer safe to clarify why Constance Mayer committed suicide. On May 26, 1821 around 11:00 clock they said goodbye to her student Sophie Duprat and cut himself a short time later in her studio throat. Contemporary rumors spoke of artistic self-doubt, but also by an unkept promises of marriage Prud'hon.

The following year, Prud'hon showed in the exhibition of the Paris Salon, a comprehensive exhibition of her artistic work.


  • The Dream of Happiness (1819 )