Constance Worth

Constance Worth ( born August 19, 1912 in Sydney, † October 18, 1963 in Los Angeles County, California; actually Jocelyn Howarth ) was an Australian actress.


Constance Worth debuted in the 1920s as a child actress. In the early 1930s she received, under the name Jocelyn Howarth, starred in Ken G. Hall's films The Squatter's Daughter (1933 ) and The Silence of Dean Maitland (1934 ). In 1936, she traveled to the United States, where she played for RKO Pictures starring roles in the films China Passage and Windjammer (both 1937). In 1945, she played a minor role in the gangster film Dillinger ( Dillinger ). After that, she only appeared in B-movies such as Columbia Crime Doctor and Boston Blackie. In 1949 she retired.

1938 Worth was married a few weeks with actor George Brent, later she married the screenwriter William A. Pierce. It is not identical with the same actress whose career has spanned eight silent films 1919-1922.

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