Constantine X Doukas

Constantine X Ducas ( Κωνσταντῖνος Ι ' Δούκας; * 1006, † May 23, 1067 ) from the family Dukas was emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 1059 to 1067, he ascended the throne, already old and ill, on the advice of Michael Psellos and with. support of the nobility, as Isaac I. abdicated. Under Isaac he was appointed Proedros ( chairman ) of the Senate.

Constantine was married in second marriage with Eudocia Makrembolitissa, the niece of Michael Kerullarios. Eudocia dominated the reign of her husband, as well as Michael Psellos. He was unpopular with the followers of Isaac, who attempted in 1060 to assassinate him. Even the common people, he was unpopular when he raised taxes to fund the army.

The previous neglect of the army under his reign had significant consequences for the Empire. Konstantin lost most of the Byzantine Italy - with the exception of the area around Bari - the Normans, and also suffered from the invasions Alp Arslan in Asia Minor from 1064 to 1067, in which Armenia and Cilicia were lost, and the devastation of the Balkans by the Pechenegs in the fall 1064th

After his death, the insurgent Romanos IV followed, after his young son Michael VII.