Constitution of Kazakhstan

The Constitution of Kazakhstan, according to Article 4 of the Constitution, the highest law in the state of Kazakhstan.

The presidential constitution currently in force is accepted by the people for a referendum on 30 August 1995 and entered into force on 4 September 1995. It forms the basis for the political system of Kazakhstan, but also legitimizes the authoritarian nature of governance in the republic.


The Constitution contains a preamble and 98 articles.

The preamble emphasizes the equality and freedom as well as the role of Kazakhstan in the international community.

The Constitution is divided into the following chapters:


The constitutional amendment on 18 May 2007 brought a further strengthening of the already very powerful position of president, in particular by the cancellation of the existing ban on the political activities of the President of a political party. The amendment included a repeal of the mandate restriction for the "First President of Kazakhstan ", which was previously limited to two terms. However, at the same time the term of office was reduced from seven to five years.