Constitution of Sweden

The Swedish Constitution consists of four fundamental laws, is so different from the ideal type of the modern Constitution is not a single document:

  • Form of government ( Regeringsformen, RF) from 1975, revised 1980 and 1994 (to allow for the accession to the EU). It defines the basic civil rights and freedoms, and the state organization and is the ideal type of the modern constitution the next.
  • Act of Succession ( Successionsordningen, SO) in 1810, revised in 1979 ( allowing the female succession to the throne ).
  • Law on Freedom of the Press ( Tryckfrihetsförordningen, TF) of 1949, which guarantees the protection of a free press and access to the public administration ( Freedom of Information ) documents.
  • Basic Law on the freedom of expression ( Yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen, YFL ) from the year 1991, as the press, such as radio, television, film and video, guarantees freedom of expression in other media.

It is sometimes also

  • Reichstag order ( Riksdagsordningen the first time in 1617, currently valid version from 1974 ) seen as a constitutional document. It determines the organization and procedure of the legislature ( Rules of Procedure of Parliament).