Contacts (application)

Contacts or address book (before OS X 10.8 ) is a program from Apple to manage phone numbers, addresses and other contact information. It is part of the two operating systems OS X and iOS.


It was already at Next Step and publication of the first version of Mac OS X, the program is an integral part of the operating system - first as Address Book ( Address ) and from OS X 10.8 as contacts ( ) as on iOS.

In addition to integration with other Apple products (eg letters in Pages, and of course e- mail addresses in mail ) is also a synchronization ( matching of contact ) with various servers like Microsoft Exchange and Google contacts possible with the Apple Cloud iCloud can push synchronization with the versions of the app for iOS allows. With the support of my system also popular mobile phones and PDAs can be supplied with contacts files. Also be imported LDIF and CSV files. To communicate with other programs that use the app a C and Objective- C API and supports AppleScript.

Entries can be organized into groups, manually or via Spotlight support in "smart" groups. Since the introduction of Apple Maps addresses can be on a map. Phone numbers are automatically formatted for input. Duplicates in the database are automatically recognized.

The print function of the program offers the possibility to output automatically generated digital printing templates for address labels, envelopes, mailing lists or Pocket Address Books to printer.

Integration with other programs in Mac OS X

With deep roots in the system and other programs will have access to the addresses - according to the user's prior consent - granted: For the address book of mail used recipient addresses to save URLs in Address Book cards appear in Safaris "Address Book" bookmarks, and contacts in messages can synchronize contacts to maps. In addition, stored Birthdays can be displayed in Calendar in "Contacts".


The Apple Address Book version 4.1, part of Mac OS X 10.5 has been heavily criticized, because the existing in previous versions of Bluetooth SMS and call - functionality had been removed.