Contagion (Film)

  • Kate Winslet: Dr. Erin Mears
  • Marion Cotillard: Dr. Leonora Orantes
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Beth Emhoff
  • Laurence Fishburne: Dr. Ellis Cheever
  • Armin Rohde: Damian Leopold
  • Jew Law: Alan Krumwiede
  • Bryan Cranston: Haggerty
  • Jennifer Ehle: Dr. Ally Hextall
  • Sanaa Lathan: Aubrey Cheever
  • Demetri Martin: Dr. David Eisenberg
  • Elliott Gould: Dr. Ian Sussman
  • Enrico Colantoni: Dennis French
  • John Hawkes: Roger

Contagion (English for " contagion" ) is a thriller from 2011 directed by Steven Soderbergh, who addressed a pandemic of a deadly virus.


Mitch Emhoffs second wife Beth returns from a business trip from Asia. She coughs at first, then it looks blurry and breaks later at home together. She is taken to the hospital and died there. Her son Clark from his first marriage dies while her husband Mitch 's with her in the hospital. He himself is put into quarantine, but later turns out to be immune. His daughter from his first marriage was not in the house when her stepmother arrived, and therefore does not suffer. It is not clear whether Mitch's immunity was inherited by his daughter.

When an epidemic breaks out, the worldwide medical community embarks on the search for a cure. In Atlanta, employees of the Department of Homeland Security meet with Dr. Ellis Cheever of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) because they fear a bioweapon attack over Thanksgiving weekend. Dr. Erin Mears Cheever tasked with determining the propagation history of the pathogen and to determine the contact persons. Besides, the doctors have control of the growing panic about the task that spreads faster than the virus itself. Alan Krumwiede trying the numbers of visitors of his blog to increase, by naming the ineffective homeopathic preparation " Forsythia " as a remedy.

As the virus finally breaks out around the world, ordinary people try to take up the fight for survival. Meanwhile, advances the disintegration of the community closer. Shops and houses were looted.

Dr. Mears infected and dies.

Meanwhile, it possible to isolate the virus to analyze and even possible to breed. It is shown that the virus contains sequences of the genome of porcine and of bat viruses. This paves the way followed to produce a vaccine. However, the amounts are not sufficient to quickly vaccinate a large number of people. So it happens everywhere in the world to kidnappings and extortion in order to reach more vaccine.

In the U.S., the vaccinations will be given away with a raffle.

Krumwiede is arrested by the Department of Homeland Security, but is free again, make a reader of his blog the deposit.

Mitch Emhoff held by all people isolated his daughter. After vaccination, they must meet again with her boyfriend.

At the end of the film we see a brief scene that explains the beginning of the epidemic. A bat is of a bulldozer of the American mining company, in which Beth Emhoff works, startled. The bat flies with a piece of banana in the hall of a pig and drops it there. A pig eats the banana pieces and later purchased by the chef of a casino. The chef prepares the pig, but not washing his hands before he is Beth Emhoff in the casino 's hand.


In the production of the film Soderbergh has received support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a U.S. authority to protect public health.

Significant bonds and some parallelisms, the film shows the real SARS pandemic of 2002 and 2003.

Theatrical release in the U.S. was September 9, 2011, in Germany on 20 October 2011. Production costs amounted, according to the director's 60 million U.S. dollars. Filmed among others in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dubai, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and San Francisco.


On May 11, 2012, announced by Warner Bros. 2 Contagion, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns wrote the script again and acts as a producer.


" Attractive busy with an all star cast, but it tells cool and distant, the thriller does not rely on the mechanisms of a disaster or dramatic spectacle body horror, but shocked by the scientific credibility and accuracy of the described scenario. "

" We network to death: the furious virus shocker " Contagion "shows how rapidly spreading diseases in the age of globalization. Despite great stars like Kate Winslet or Matt Damon, the film is convincing as collective work. "

" Fast-paced and efficient can tell you how to spread the epidemic, such as the counter-measures by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and the World Health Organization be organized in Geneva Soderbergh. He has far proliferating web of narratives firmly in control, and yet hardly he manages to evoke real sympathy. "

" [ ... ] It does the film good that both communicators of the crisis are ambivalent characters, in which the common good has his hands full, to stand up to vested interests. Stock speculation with pharmaceutical stocks are also part of this multi-faceted vision of horror as conspiracy theories and arcane magic bullet. [ ... ] The intellectual Soderbergh is not exactly known as a sentimentalist, and also protects him his cool head in front of the too - poster-like. Normally, disaster movies are full of heart-rending death and farewell scenes. Soderbergh shows rather how to entertain two helpers about when they have run out of body bags. "

" [ ... ] It is simply amazing how well Soderbergh knows his craft. He gives the genre with great elegance, what it takes and can count on the usual mythological lard of class-, race- and gender -border reconciliation dispense in time of need. With surgical precision, his camera moves to the movement of their protagonists and takes the interpersonal change in the look. Greetings, farewells, By passing touchpad, grab bars in the subway. Little things that determine our social life and now mark the path of the pathogen. What makes the man, his longing for closeness and touch, is for the transmission route of the deadly germ. This is the core of the drama " Contagion ". And that's, well, touching. "

"How to be suitably chosen electronic soundtrack is Soderbergh's thriller up close on Zeitgeist and the present. Thus, Contagion ' also a highly globalized film into each other on the basis of repeatedly into the picture smaller world maps, the many locales of Hong Kong to London to Chicago and the rapid spread of the pathogen across continents once again shows how much the modern world accesses: with the plague be on board alone off Madagascar, that was yesterday. "


The German Film and Media Review (FBW ) gave the film valuable the predicate.