Continental League

The Continental League was a planned addition to the American League and the National League third American professional baseball league that will start in 1961 and in previous years created quite a stir.

On July 27, 1959 William Shea announced the establishment of the third Major League. The reason for this can be seen in the migration of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants from New York to California in 1957. This was New York, the largest city in the USA, all of a sudden not have a baseball team in the National League more. 1959 and 1960 dominated this venture related dispute with the other leagues, the sports tabloids. Finally able Shea and other organizers of the Continental League agree with the established major leagues. They took back the formation of the League, but the existing leagues received new seats, two in the National League and two in the American League. The establishment of the Baseball Association New York Mets followed, Shea had achieved his goal, to anchor the professional baseball back to New York, and let his efforts to establish the Continental League.


Charles M. Schulz addressed the imminent establishment of the Continental League began on 22 July 1957 in a Charlie Brown comic strip.