The continuity ( from the Latin verb continere containing dt, taking, together, hold ) may refer to:

  • In general, in the sense of unbroken continuity, uninterrupted connection, see the perpetuation
  • Continuity in mathematics
  • Continuous process in the chemical process engineering
  • Continuity (philosophy), is related to the law of continuity ( design law )
  • Business Continuity Management, continuing the business under unexpectedly difficult conditions (such as crises ), see
  • In cultural anthropology in the form and function consistent exercise of customs, see custom
  • Continuity (media), the substantive consistency for several past productions, such as parts of a film series or episodes of a series
  • Continuity, in the movie Art of content consistency within a production, especially during the transition between two settings, see Connection (film )
  • Continuity (sculpture) is a sculpture by Max Bill at the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt am Main

See also:

  • Continuous spectrum
  • Continuity Theory ( History)
  • Continuity theorem of Hartogs
  • Continuum
  • Discontinuity, the opposite of the continuity
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