Contra ( Latin: "against" ) or contraindication stands for:

  • Prefix in the meaning " against ", see List of Latin prefixes (the opposite of Pro)
  • In votes synonymous with " mind," see vote ( opinion )
  • Contra ( organization) that fought against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, see Iran - Contra Affair
  • Contraindications ( game term ), a term specifically from the card game
  • Contra ( video game ), a video game series
  • A plucked string instrument, see Bugarija
  • A string instrument, see Contraindications ( string instrument )
  • Contra TI, a village in the municipality of Tenero in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland
  • SWR cont.ra, news program of the Südwestrundfunks
  • Contra Dance, a historical English group dance that is still practiced especially in New England today.
  • Counterpoint, a not -run supermarket brand Rewe Group
  • Contra ( writer ), pseudonym of the Estonian writer Margus Konnula

Contra is the surname of the following persons:

  • Cosmin Contra ( b. 1975 ), the Romanian football player
  • Ferenc contraindications (born 1958 ), Hungarian writer

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