Cook Islands national rugby union team

The rugby union team of the Cook Islands represents the Cook Islands in rugby union. The team is classified as a national of the third category by the International Rugby Board (IRB ).

Early 1990s, the team began to play internationally. For the rugby union World Cup but so far could not qualify.


The Cook Islands played their first international game on September 1, 1971 against Samoa. They lost narrowly 24:18. The following day, scored the first victory against the national team of Wallis and Futuna, before you turn a day later the team of Samoa defeated a second time.

Only nine years later, in 1980, came back a national of the Cook Islands international. Against located on a tour of Italy team they lost in a close game with just under 6:15. In 1983 they lost again in a Test match against the selection of Samoa.

Since 1996 it has played regularly against the national teams of Papua New Guinea, Niue and Tahiti.

Despite three participations in the qualification for the Rugby Union World Cup between 1999 and 2007 could be so far not qualify. Last one failed clearly to Tonga in the fourth round of Oceania qualifying.

Participation in World Championships