Cook (South Australia)

Cook is a railway station and is located on the Indian - Pacific Railway from Adelaide to Perth, without inhabited places in the vicinity. It has some houses and fuel tanks for the locomotives. At the Ausweichestellen trains can cross up to 1800 m.

The city was founded in 1917 when the track was laid. It was named after the former Prime Minister Joseph Cook. Through rationalization of the railway operation, the population will shrink to today together only four people. Only a diesel fueling station and remained a Übernachtungsmöglichtkeit for track workers. The bush hospital is closed and the business is only open while the train is in town. There are two paved runways, which are now only occasionally used by small aircraft.

When the city was still inhabited, water was pumped from an underground aquifer, but today all the water is transported in trains. Attempts to plant trees and other vegetation were not successful.

Cook is situated on the longest with 478 kilometers of straight-running railroad in the world.

The Indian Pacific at Cook