Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings - Taking part is everything is an American comedy film directed by Jon Turteltaub from 1993 In the United States, the film was launched on 1 October 1993 in the cinemas.. Official theatrical release in Germany was the 10th February 1994.

The story is told in this Disney production, the story of the first Jamaican bobsled team, the Calgary went to the start at the Olympic Winter Games 1988.


Derice Bannock is one of the best sprinters in Jamaica and dreams of nothing more than to qualify for the Olympic Games in Seoul. In the deciding race but crashes his competitor Junior Bevil and brings both the burly Derice and Yul Brenner to case.

Disappointed by the botched qualification Derice experiences in the Jamaican Olympic Committee office that a former bobsledder successful lives on the island. The ambitious Derice want to continue to participate in the Olympics if not. At the Summer Games in Seoul, then at the Winter Games in Calgary Together with his best friend, the soapbox champion Sanka, it looks Irving " Irv " Blitzer, a former Olympic gold medalist in bobsled, in order to persuade him to train them in bobsled, although this hardly know anything about this winter sport. This former bobsledder, Irving " Irv " Blitzer had earlier already tried Ben Bannock, Derices father, who was also a very successful short- distance runners, to persuade them to bobsledding. After much persuasion, the " sled God " decides to become the new coach of the Jamaican bobsled team first.

In a public call to set up a four-man bobsled team, Irv scared all interested parties, by showing ( " When Bobsleigh bones do not break - shatter it !") Films of heavy Bobunfällen. At the end of stay beside Derice and Sanka only Yul and Junior left who still have great differences with each other, but both are eager to go to the Olympics.

Under the supervision of Irv begin the four with their training, without ever having been in a Bob. The first experiments in which they take a bobähnlichen car with wheels down the hill, fail miserably, so that the five are the laughingstock of the whole island. Because the chairman of the Jamaican Olympic Committee will not provide funds for the team because he feared a disgrace, they try to get the money for the trip to the Games through donations and various fundraising campaigns. After numerous failures, it is ultimately Junior, who comes from a rich family and unceremoniously sold his car to come true with the money the dream of Olympic for all.

Finally, the friends reach Calgary and have to compete against the tough competition, the only ridiculed the team of the tropical island. The press falls forth over the newcomers, and Irv succeeds only with difficulty, to buy an old Trainingsbob from an old teammate for little money. Despite the anger, the comrades have, such as with other athletes or Juniors father, they always come better cope with the unfamiliar environment. Also, by tightening up of the regulations they can not be slowed down and create nearly qualifying for the Games. A symbolic baptism of their old vehicle combination in "Cool Runnings " is there to make their team spirit. Through a messenger, the group learns unexpectedly by her disqualification. Irv suspects that the constant rule changes alone with him and his mistakes in the past ( he was once disqualified for fraud ) and have nothing to do with his boys. Through a fiery speech to the Sports Council manages the coach, however, to reverse the decision.

In the first race the team, however, is unusually nervous, and with the worst time it lands on the first day of racing at the 28th place. This is due to the fact that Derice oriented on the Swiss bobsledders. It was only when his colleagues convince him of it, to reflect on their Jamaican roots, they can offer their advantage, the starting speed implement. The critics who feel vindicated by the results of the first run must, on the second day of the race therefore correct when the boys shine with an excellent running and so trigger a real hype. In the deciding race, they are also well underway again, and all anticipate the attack on the fastest time. At top speed but a screw loose in the decrepit Bob, which dissolves a portion of the steering. He falls over in a curve and the sensation with it. To the applause of the competitors, officials and spectators at the track take the boys on their battered Bob and wear it proudly to the finish.


  • The film is loosely based on a true story. In fact, a Jamaican bobsled team failed to qualify for the first time at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. Although they played only a very small supporting role, but turned the Olympic spirit " It 's all his " proof. However, the characters of the film are all fictitious. An American coach ( the coach changed the course ), who was convinced that runners abgäben good bobsledders, advertised for this purpose, four soldiers of the Jamaican army, which formed this bobsled team.
  • The film's title refers to a phrase in patois, which means as much as " good trip ".
  • The production of the film cost about $ 14 million. At the ticket counters Cool Runnings played worldwide about 155 million U.S. dollars.


Hans Zimmer won the 1994 BMI Film Music Award in the category. The film won the 1995 Golden Screen in Germany.


  • "Despite its light weight is felt always that it is the struggle of the third world to respect." - Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • " Fast-paced and technically excellent camera sports movie, but the is not too great demands on the audience with his blunt naivety. " - Lexicon of international film.