Copa Interamericana

The Copa Interamericana (English: Interamerican Cup ) was an intercontinental club football competition, which was from 1969 to 1998 a total of played between the winners of the then CONCACAF Champions ' Cup and the winners of the Copa Libertadores 18 times.

The Copa Interamericana is the competition format similar to the Afro - Asia Cup and the Euro- South American Cup (World Cup ), but never reached approximately the popularity of the latter. In addition, the discharged usually one and a half years late competition fell in many years from all over. Last renounced the Libertadores winner even twice in favor of subordinated clubs for their participation. It was played with two exceptions in each round-trip game, where initially the goal difference did not matter, so that a play-off was required on points. Twice but still the decision was already wanted in the return game.

Games and winners