Copa Lipton

The Copa Lipton was a football competition between the national football teams of Argentina and Uruguay. The trophy was donated by the Scottish Teemagnaten Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, under the condition that the players of both teams should be born exclusively in the country. The competition was 1905-1992 a total of 29 times played out, with only one meeting per year with no return game was always played in the change in Argentina and Uruguay. From 1905 to 1917, and again in 1962 the meetings were held on the 15th August. Play Count to 1929 with few exceptions every year regularly, the discharge was then only sporadically. In the event of a tie, the trophy was awarded to the away team and this could then determine the date and the rules for the next edition. Since the last host in 1992 ended 0-0, was the trophy by the regulations in the custody of the Argentine Football Association (AFA ). Record winner with 17 tracks Argentina.

Another trophy, to which was played on the same principle between Argentina and Uruguay, was the Copa Newton. This took place 27 games 1906-1976.