Coptodon during alli

Coptodon ( Syn: Dagetia Thys van den Audenaerde, 1969) is a genus of cichlid, which is common in most parts of Africa, as well as in Jordan. The genus was originally the rank of a subgenus within the paraphyletic genus Tilapia and was raised in 2013 by Dunz and Schliewen in the genus rank.


The distribution area of Coptodon extends into West Africa from the mouth of the Senegal to the mouth of the Kunene River in the south and includes in this area include the rivers Corubal, Lofa, St. Paul, Cavally Comoé, Bandama, Bia, the upper Sassandra, the Pra, Volta, Niger, Chari, Sanaga, Ogooué Kouilou, Zambezi, Okavango, Cuanza, the Lake Volta and the Bosumtwisee in Ghana, the Cameroonian crater lakes Barombi Koto, Bermin, Ejagham and Mboandong, the Nigerian Kainji reservoir, Lake Chad, the central Congo Basin, Pool Malebo, and the Ubangi, Uele, Kasai and the Lualaba. In East Africa, the species in the Lake Albert in North Africa in southern Morocco ( Wadi Draa ), in oases of Ahaggargebirges in southern Algeria, in the Nile and the Jordan River in the Middle East comes in Lake Tanganyika, Lake Turkana and Lake Malawi before, and ( Coptodon zillii ).


Coptodon species have a typical, moderately hochrückige cichlid shape, reach body lengths between 6.5 ( Coptodon gutturosa ) and 32 ( Coptodon cameronensis ) cm, often point to the sides of the body 6 to 8 vertical stripes which are close to the dorsal fin Y-shaped branch and usually a red breast and belly coloration. They are exclusively or predominantly herbivores and substrate spawners. The body is covered with round scales. 23 to 29 are located in a central longitudinal row. Like all cichlids have Coptodon two side lines. More generically typical features are the consisting of the coalesced fifth Ceratobranchialen lower pharyngeal jaw, which is as wide as long, and has a front keel, which is shorter than or nearly as long as the dentate area. The pharyngeal teeth are trailing two - (only C. gutturosa ) to fünfspitzig (only C. nigricans ). The first branchial arch contributes 10 to 17 gill rakers. In both jaws the teeth of the outer row of teeth are bicuspid, the inner row of small and tricuspid. The dorsal fin is supported 13-17 hard jets. It shows a typical " Tilapiafleck ". The pelvic fins are pointed. With the exception of adult specimens of C. congica and C. tholloni the fish show no nuchal hump.


  • Coptodon cameronensis (Holly, 1927)
  • Coptodon camerunensis ( Lönnberg, 1903)
  • Coptodon coffea ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1970)
  • Coptodon congica (Poll & Thys van den Audenaerde, 1960)
  • Coptodon dageti ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1971)
  • Coptodon discolor ( Günther, 1903)
  • Coptodon guineensis ( Günther, 1862)
  • Coptodon ismailiaensis ( Mekkawy, 1995)
  • Coptodon konkourensis ( Dunz & Schliewen, 2012)
  • Coptodon kottae ( Lönnberg, 1904)
  • Coptodon Louka ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1969)
  • Coptodon margaritacea ( Boulenger, 1916)
  • Coptodon nyongana ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1971)
  • Coptodon during alli ( Boulenger, 1897)
  • Coptodon rheophila ( Daget, 1962)
  • Coptodon tholloni ( Sauvage, 1884)
  • Coptodon walteri ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1968)
  • Coptodon zillii ( Gervais, 1848) ( type species )
  • Species flock of Lake Bermin Coptodon bakossiorum ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon bemini ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1972)
  • Coptodon bythobates ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon flava ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon gutturosa ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon imbriferna ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon snyderae ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon spongotroktis ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon thysi ( Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)
  • Coptodon deckerti ( Thys van den Audenaerde, 1967)
  • Coptodon Ejagham ( Dunz & Schliewen, 2010)
  • Coptodon fusiform ( Dunz & Schliewen, 2010)
  • Coptodon nigrans ( Dunz & Schliewen, 2010)

There are also three to date undescribed species:

  • Coptodon sp. aff. guineensis "Cross"
  • Coptodon sp. aff. zillii " Kisangani "
  • Coptodon sp. aff. Louka " Samou ".