Cordillera Occidental (Ecuador)


The Cordillera Occidental f to German " Western Cordillera ", is the western of the two cordilleras in Ecuador, while the parallel Eastern and Cordillera Real, " Cordillera ", or Cordillera Central, " Cordillera Central " is known. Between the two there are various inner Andean basins.

The Western Cordillera separates in northern Peru by the Cordillera Central and extending parallel to this on the territory of Ecuador. In northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, the two reunite until the cordillera splits into three parts in the node of Pasto in southern Colombia again. The Western Cordillera is geologically younger than the Central Range and lower the average. However, it also belongs to the Chimborazo, the highest with 6267 m mountain in the country, as well as the Carihuairazo ( 5018 m) and the Illinizas ( 5248 m and 5126 m).

Mountain ranges of the Andes, known as the Cordillera Occidental, there are also in Colombia and Bolivia.

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