Cordillera Oriental (Bolivia)


The Cordillera Oriental ( German "Eastern Mountain Range " ) is a high mountain range in the eastern Andean highlands of Bolivia.


The Cordillera Oriental extends more broadly in the central Bolivia over 1200 km in a north-south direction of the Cordillera Apolobamba in the north to the Cordillera of Caiza and Capirenda in the south.

The highest elevations of this extensive mountain arch located in the northern part, where the peaks in the Cordillera Apolobamba and the Cordillera La Paz reach heights of over 6,000 m.

In a narrower sense, the Cordillera Oriental ( Cordillera de Cochabamba ) from northwest to southeast and extends extends over 500 km from the Cordillera de Cocapata in the northwest corner of the department of Cochabamba to the Río Grande south of Santa Cruz.

The highest peaks of this mountainous eastern section rarely go beyond 5,000 m and reached its highest point in Incachaca and Tunari with about 5,200 m.