Corel Corporation [ kərel ˌ kɔ ː pə reɪʃ n], dt mostly [ kɔʁəl -] is a Canadian technology company and software manufacturer of word processing, image editing and graphics programs. Since the takeover of the company InterVideo and thus the previously merged with InterVideo Ulead business areas Video / Internet applications have been added. The company headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Company History

The company was founded in 1985 by Michael Cowpland. His goal was the establishment of a research laboratory. " Corel " is an abbreviation for " Cowpland REsearch Laboratory ." By Products CorelDRAW and WordPerfect Corel Corporation briefly became the largest software manufacturer in Canada. Early investors Corel were thus very wealthy, but this strength did not last for long at Corel. Trying to compete with WordPerfect to Microsoft Word, failed. Corel had very many employees laid off and Michael Cowpland came under the suspicion of insider trading on the stock exchange. Michael Cowpland left in August 2000, Corel and a new director named Derek Burney tried using McKinsey & Company by returning to the core competencies Corel to get back on track.

In October 2000, Corel announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft, which involved an investment of 135 million dollars from Microsoft. In 2001, Corel Micrografx, a former competitor in the field of image processing. On 2 September 2003, Corel was acquired by Vector Capital. Then Corel disappeared from the NASDAQ stock market and became a private company.

In 2006, Corel acquired in addition to the software manufacturer WinZip Inc., the InterVideo Inc., which in turn was just about to take over Ulead. In April of that year, Corel came back to the stock market. Following the IPO, the private equity firm Vector Capital still held 72 percent of the shares.

End of October 2009, Vector Capital made ​​an offer to acquire all outstanding shares of Corel Corporation. at a price of U.S. $ 4.00 in cash to buy. At this time, Vector Capital held 67 % of the share capital. In late November 2009, the Corel Corp.. almost completely passed into the possession of controlled by Vector Capital Corel Holdings as a result of the offer. This is the Corel Corp.. before a new delisting.

Mid- January 2012 was Corel known to acquire the subsidiary of Rovi Corporation Roxio and all products of the same name.

On July 2, 2012, Corel acquired by Avid video editing product line for home. This Corel took over Pinnacle Studio, Avid Studio and Avid Studio for iPad and the associated development team.

Product history

The company made a name for itself mainly with the programs CorelDRAW and WordPerfect, which represent alternatives to the widely used programs by Adobe and Microsoft. The software Corel Painter and Corel Photo-Paint, manufactured by Corel constitute an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for digital artists working and web designers. A new addition is the product of Corel Paint Shop Pro, which originally comes from the the bought by Corel in October 2004 company Jasc Software. It is suitable for professional image processing functions, ranging from the now quite close to the market leader Adobe Photoshop zoom. For the preparation of technical drawings Corel offers the Corel Designer 10.0, which was originally developed by Micrografx. Something hidden is the product of Corel Ventura, which at that time was marketed by Xerox as Ventura Publisher. Corel Ventura is as factory set program to an alternative such as FrameMaker.

The end of 1999 Corel Linux was released, based on Debian GNU / Linux. This was followed by yet another version, then the distribution has been discontinued and bought shortly thereafter by Xandros.

With the acquisitions in 2006 ( Winzip, InterVideo and Ulead ) Advanced Corel Corporation its product portfolio with the Pack program ( compression program ) WinZip and DVD-Video players, burning software, video and graphics editing software.

List of current products

  • Corel AfterShot Pro - Raw developers
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite - a combination of: CorelDRAW - a drawing program for vector graphics.
  • Corel Photo-Paint - Photo Editor
  • Corel Connect - Full -screen browser that allows the Suite, the PC and the local network can be quickly scanned for digital content
  • Corel Power Trace - tool to convert bitmaps to vector files
  • Corel Capture - screen capture program for
  • Corel R.A.V.E. - A program to create animations