CorelDraw Graphics Suite (own spelling: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite ) is a common particularly on Windows systems, graphics and image editing software collection of Corel Corporation.

The version numbers have been incremented only to 12 ( 2003), in the subsequent versions of the " 10 " by the Roman numeral X is replaced, thus denoted by X3 ( 2006) to X7 (2014).


CorelDraw is sold as a package of applications ( Graphics Suite ) for graphics processing. It contains the version X7 following components:

Main programs

  • Corel Draw is a vector graphics program
  • Corel Capture for screenshots
  • Corel Photo-Paint for image processing
  • Corel Power Trace for vectorization of raster graphics (formerly Corel Trace)
  • Corel Connect to searches of local media and networks for digital content
  • Corel Website Creator is a web design program
  • PhotoZoom Pro 3 for enlarging digital images
  • Share Concept for online collaboration

In addition, various additional " helpers " are included, such SWiSH miniMax 2 ( no longer included in CorelDraw X6), clipart, fonts and other.

In versions 10-12 also still Corel Rave to create simple Flash animations was.


The first version of the program is designed for Microsoft Windows and released in 1989 as version 1.2 ( versions 1 and 1.1 were internal pre-release versions ). Later, a version for Apple Macintosh was added, with version 11 is the last version for Macintosh systems. At times, there was also a stand-alone Unix version (CorelDraw 3), which was later replaced by a Wine -based (CorelDraw 9) only for Linux and eventually abandoned.

The special feature of the first CorelDraw versions was that vector fonts are included in a proprietary format. Windows 3.0 supported no TrueType fonts. To still be able to use PostScript fonts and the included Corel fonts to be able to as a printer font upload it to the appropriate printer. Wfn format, these versions of the utility WFN boss was. So Corel was independent of the PostScript fonts from Adobe. The extensive font package in 2010 consisting of over a thousand OpenType and PostScript fonts, has been retained to this day. At least some older versions were also available along with Ventura. Even the very early versions also allowed the export of graphics in a font ( first into Corel- size), resulting in CorelDRAW can be used as a simple font editor.

In addition, in the first versions it was only possible to work in black and white outline mode, the actual color graphics you got then only after switching to Preview mode to see. This was a concession to the then very -performance computer. Nevertheless, the rendering of the preview image was not uncommon for a few seconds to minutes, depending on the complexity of the image.

The newer versions increasingly include functions from the desktop publishing and prepress. So there is a direct PDF output, a print preview that allows complex assembly sheets, and a calibrated color preview that displays by using the trapping method also color mixtures.

In the version X5 color management has been completely reprogrammed and now corresponds to the global industry standard, which was largely dominated by Adobe. However, this sometimes leads to considerable differences in color when editing files from previous versions.

The private version-dependent vector format has the file extension CDR. The meta- interchange format with the file extension CMX can be read across platforms, for example, by the programs Inkscape and Skencil.