Corinna May

Corinna May, actually Corinna Meyer, ( born October 6, 1970 in Bremen ) is a German singer.


Corinna May is blind from birth. Her musical career, she started as a singer in the school choir and in a gospel choir.

After several talent competitions Corinna May 1997 could release their first album. Influenced by the influences of their youth, jazz tracks were found predominantly on the produced by it self album. Two years later she won her second album Like a star, produced and written largely by Hanno Harders, on the market.

Received great attention for Corinna May 1999 with the participation of the German advance to divorce Euro Vision Song Contest. With her ​​song Hear the children simply, she won first the first place. As the song by the composer already on another album as Where Have All the Good Times Gone ( sung by the group Number Nine ) had been published, but was disqualified. Instead, the second-placed group Sürpriz was entitled Journey to Jerusalem for the competition to Jerusalem - sent Kudüs'e seyahat. Nevertheless, Corinna May managed to debut at No. 59 on the charts and stayed there for four weeks.

In her second attempt, a year later, she joined with the song I Believe in God, but had to settle for second place behind Stefan Raab.

Finally she succeeded in 2002, with the song I Can not Live Without Music ( Charts: # 72, two weeks in total ) to qualify for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2002. Despite good odds and reviews they occupied in the discharged in the Estonian capital Tallinn competition with only 17 points a 21st place among 24 participants.

Their subsequent singles Endless Miles and On My Way to Myself were not great successes.

In 2004 she sang "best German voice" the title Our ​​farm and whether the sun is shining ever again for the Disney film " Home on the Range " field. They stood out in the competition Jeanette Biedermann and Yvonne Catterfeld.

Following the release of radio single now as never before, she received a record deal with DA music; and another promo single, Just stay standing, was released. This title could argue eleven weeks in the airplay charts and reached the highest position space 6 The next singles What burns deep in the heart, The world of Marie and Where I can love could not build on this airplay success.

In October 2006, the album " Now as never before " appeared under DA Music and also the double single with the ballad The world of Marie and if you want ... with which they supported the project "Pro Retina". Despite the short-term increasing interest from the press and broadcasting it excludes Corinna May to participate again at the Euro Vision Song Contest.

After her contract with DA Music leakage, the singer is now focusing on live performances in jazz area and can also engage with playback for private parties. Under the label " ear witness " are also online with the self- publisher portal Feiyr title.

Since May 2012, she sings in the band The Green Bremer Jukebox Band together with Oliver Roemer, the finalist of the show Das Supertalent gained notoriety in 2009.




Other Projects

  • 2000: Dieter Falk produced a previously unreleased duet with Reba McEntire.
  • 2004: Disney's " Home on the Range ", German Soundtrack ( Our Farm, Whether the sun shines ever again )
  • Frei Sein: Clip Music ( with Mino Siciliano, commercial song for Optrofon )

Chart positions

  • Hear the children simply 13/1999 59
  • 14/1999 82
  • 15/1999 99
  • 16/1999 97