Cornerback is the name of a position in American football, in defense of a team.

Cornerbacks occupy the outer sides and defend against the opposing wide receiver and other potential pass receiver either in direct Marking or together with the other defensive backs in a zone defense, which divides the space and individual players certain zones that need to be defended, assigns (flat-, short or deep zone). They must also be able to stop opposing running plays on the outsides.

Because of its task to prevent the opponent's passing game, a cornerback needs like a Safety can read the play similar; equally important is speed to keep up with the opponent's wide receivers can. Not least due to the limited field of view through the helmet, it is difficult for the cornerback to pursue the receiver to monitor their changes of direction and at the same time the ball and the rest of the game.

A popular technique of cornerbacks is the so-called Bump and Run Coverage (German: Shock and racing coverage). Here cornerbacks exploit the fact that they opposing wide receiver may be a shock her within the first five yards to disrupt its path. After collision, the cornerback ran his opponent as usual after or defending his zone. A well- executed Bump and Run forces the wide receiver to inaccurate Running routes, which increases the chance of an incomplete pass quarterback or even an interception for the cornerback. Therefore, a cornerback has to be not only fast, but also have a certain physique to bring an attacking wide receiver with a strong push from the equilibrium. As pioneers of this technique Willie Brown and Mel Blount apply.

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