Corona (planetary geology)

As Corona (plural coronae of Latin " wreath ", " Crown") are referred to in the Planetology circular or oval surface structures of celestial bodies, which are not to impact craters.


Were first identified Coronae 1983, when the data supplied by the Venus probe Venera 16 showed with better resolution that the previously held for impact crater structures had to be created differently. These are structures whose elliptic boundary consists of one or more annular ridges, while the interior has a complex structure often radially extending structures.

It is believed today that the Venus Coronae have arisen from caused by mantle plumes bulges, which fell during the cooling of the magma in the center and thus created the inner structures.

Especially based on the radar data provided by the Magellan probe could be identified on Venus now has 350 more Coronae.


Become oval structures were also found on the moon Uranus Miranda, called Coronae. It is believed that this is Eisdiapire.