Corriere della Sera

The Corriere della Sera ( Evening Courier dt, Corriere short ) is an Italian daily newspaper. It is published by the publishing group Rizzoli Corriere della Sera (RCS Media Group ) and appears in Milan with various local and weekly supplements. Your average daily circulation is over 800,000 copies, reaching a total of about 2.5 million readers.

The newspaper was founded on March 5, 1876 by Eugenio Torelli Viollier and developed approximately between 1910 and 1930 under the direction of Luigi Albertini for the most common and most influential independent newspaper in Italy. In 2003, she was awarded among others, the European Newspaper Award. Her main competitors include the Turin La Stampa, and the center-left oriented Roman La Repubblica.

The Milan editorial offices are located in the same building as the beginning of the 20th century, which is why the Corriere after his address also commonly known as the Via Solferino newspaper is called. As the title suggests, the paper was originally published as an evening edition.

In March 2006, the then editor of the Corriere della Sera said in a statement on the parliamentary elections in Italy in 2006 officially in favor of a center-left coalition.

List of regular supplements

  • Corriere del Mezzogiorno (since 1997)
  • Corriere del Veneto ( since 2002)
  • Corriere del Trentino (since 2003)
  • The Alto Adige Corriere (since 2003)
  • Corriere di Verona ( since 2004)
  • Corriere Magazine ( Saturday supplement )