Corum (watchmakers)

The Montres Corum SàRL (short: Corum ) is a Swiss watch manufacturer, founded in 1955 in La Chaux -de-Fonds by Gaston Ries and his uncle René Bannwart. The company name is derived from the Latin word quorum.

The company only provides Corum watches her in high price segment, but is not a watchmaker. The company Corum relates the movements, for example, by ETA SA or " Frederic Piguet ". Corum is known for unusual design ideas. In the "Coin Watch", for example, the housing is made from an official 20 - dollar gold coin. Besides the described " Coin Watch", the " Admiral 's Cup " and the " Golden Bridge " and the " bubble" are to be mentioned as other known models. In addition to exceptional design but they are also technically unusual movements used. Corum as a less manufacturer offers watches with integrated truss and since 2011 the world's only bar movement with automatic winding ( Corum caliber CO -313 ) in his " Golden Bridge Automatic".

In April 2013, Corum has been taken over by the Chinese company China Haidian.