Cosmas Damian Asam

Cosmas Damian Asam (* September 28, 1686 probably in Benediktbeuren, † May 10, 1739 in Munich) was a German painter and architect of the late baroque. Cosmas Damian Asam worked mainly together with his brother, the plasterer and sculptor Quirin Asam Egid.

Asam was a major champion of the South German Deckenmalerei between Baroque and Rococo. He was, in part, together with his brother Quirin Asam Egid, in the design of castles in Bruchsal Ettlingen and Mannheim and the monastery church vineyard.

To the life and work of the Brothers Asam brothers Asam see.

The German Post has issued a commemorative stamp with the value 60 Pfennig for the 250th anniversary of his death in 1989 - she has the motive Cosmas Damian Asam front of the ceiling fresco in the monastery church world castle (see picture right).