Cosmopolitan distribution

A cosmopolitan (Greek kosmos " world ", polites, " citizens ", " residents ") is a creature that is common in the congenial habitat ( habitat ) worldwide or over large parts of the earth. The corresponding adjective is " cosmopolitan ", the ( more accurate ) synonym is " geopolitical " ( common in all animal geographic regions).

In contrast to the cosmopolitan is a Ubiquist (Latin ubique, " everywhere" ) is a plant or animal species without specific demands on their environment, they can therefore thrive under very different conditions.

Seasonal hikes

In some animal species worldwide distribution arises as a consequence of extended hikes. Seasonal contrast, the distribution vary widely. An example of this is the blue whale.

Cosmopolitans and human

Man also has a significant impact on the global distribution of species. As a species that has itself spread worldwide, have in its wake other species, partly intentionally, partly unintentionally, with widespread. Intentional dissemination occurred mainly in the context of agriculture (eg cattle, cereals), unintentionally often synanthropic (eg house mouse). A special case are pathogens whose dissemination worldwide can be subject to very strong time fluctuations. Phases of the low prevalence may alternate with pandemics (eg influenza).