Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan ( officially: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ) is a casino and hotel complex in Las Vegas, Nevada. He belongs to the Deutsche Bank and is considered one of the most ambitious projects in the city and as a high risk investment. The Wall Street Journal has a calculation established, after which it would cost 15 years in the best case to recoup the investment return, provided that The Cosmopolitan would make the same revenue as the established Bellagio.


The plant consists of two 61- story towers each in which to 2,995 rooms and suites are located, as well as from the base region. In it, a 9,300 square-foot casino, restaurants and retail space to 28,000 m², a spa and fitness center, several pools, and conference facilities and a theater with 1,800 seats are housed. Atypical of Las Vegas, has a majority of the rooms have balconies and windows that open.


The project was conceived by Ian Bruce Eichner. Construction began in October 2005, opening on 15 December 2010. The resort was built on a plot that earlier as a parking lot by the Jockey Club, a smaller apartment complex, was used. Since these remained, it was agreed prior to construction that residents of the Jockey Club henceforth substitute can share the use of a part of the new garage. The Cosmopolitan has adjacent to The Palazzo Hotel as a second underground parking instead of a parking garage.

Originally, the hotel should be operated as Grand Hyatt Las Vegas; the German bank wanted the real estate mogul Eichner only grant a loan. In January 2008, however, it became known that there are problems of financing for the project. During the financial crisis Eichner ran out of money, he could not pay a final installment, but the complex was not even half done. While the developers were looking for new funding opportunities, the construction was provisionally on; However, final could be reached no agreement. To avoid having to complete any loss suffered, the German bank took over in September 2008, the project and built it in cooperation with real estate developers in the company Related their own ideas and their suggestions to the end. For example, the casino was envisaged in the original plan on the second floor, but was eventually moved to Las Vegas as usual in the ground floor area. The complex also housing should be accommodated in addition, however, they were replaced by more hotel rooms.

In the meantime, several hotel groups and operating companies were of different Las Vegas resorts interested in the property to acquire. 2010, the hotel was put into operation in stages and was part of the Autograph Collection, Marriott International, an association of independent hotels, which, however, have access to reservation and bonus programs of the Marriott chain. Also occurs Ritz- Carlton on the hotel's partner.