Cospudener See

Opencast mine

The Cospuden is a south facing Leipzig artificial lake. He emerged from a opencast mine, which was flooded. Shares in the lake area, the three Saxon cities of Leipzig ( district Lauer ), Markham ( districts Gautzsch and Cospuden ) and Zwenkau ( district Eythra ).


The digestion of Cospuden mine (1981 ) as a branch from mining Zwenkau fell in the time since the mid-1970s in the GDR operated Auskohlungspolitik radical, in which due to the oil crises maximum use of domestic lignite was sought. The area lying on the southern outskirts of Leipzig mining should be operated in multiple fields with an annual capacity of approximately 5-6 million tons to about 1996. His insight made ​​the Überbaggerung of agricultural and forestry used Mittelstenahe Rauen landscape required a hitherto popular recreation destination south of Leipzig. In addition, several small settlement parts, such as the former manor Lauer were devastated and resettled a total of 43 residents. The eponymous village Cospuden (38 inhabitants), whose inhabitants are aussie punched in 1974 in connection with the mining Zwenkau, was finally over dredged during the year 1981. Economic structural change and massive acceptance problems among the population that expressed in 1989 in the establishment of the broad citizens' initiative Stop Cospuden, led in 1992 to the conveyor setting. Until then, the mining had taken a Abgrabungsfläche ² of 5.1 km in the claim and delivered some 32 million tons of coal to the nearby livestock farms.

Even the GDR re-use plan was due to its location on the immediate outskirts of Leipzig after the end of the promotion the complete filling of the residual water hole and the creation of recreational activities and re-use possibilities. This core idea was retained in the revitalization of the area. Due to the inflow of groundwater and rainwater and Sümpfungswasser from the opencast mines Zwenkau (from 1994) and Profen (from 1998) the lake reached its Endwasserspiegel of 110 m above sea level in spring 2000. NN with neutral water conditions.

Thus, the Cospuden was the first Bergbaurestsee in Leipzig Lake, which could be passed to a subsequent use. The relation to the other lakes temporal development advantage and the peri-urban and convenient location related to the comparatively rapid establishment of the challenging economic recreational facilities in the vicinity of the lake. These range in scope far beyond the statutory revitalization services and also about the use of forms of comparable residual lakes because the Cospuden was regarded as a model project for the possibilities of designing a post-mining landscape. The funding and implementation of the plans was significantly accelerated by the standing under the theme of man, nature and technology, the World Expo 2000, at which the Cospuden participated as a decentralized contribution of the city of Leipzig. He put the center of the contribution of land use - landscaping services represents the Expo was the reason and driving force for the revitalization of the mining site Cospuden. As a result, the Cospuden shows an example of the Leipzig New Lakeland, as well as other lignite coalfields of eastern Germany which innovative, imaginative and creative ideas to the sustainable design of a mining landscape are economically viable to implement in a short time if the decision-makers involved closely, consensus, goal-oriented and cooperatively work together.


The lake popularly called usually Cossi, also Lake Cospuda, Costa Cospuda, in rare cases Cospi offers a variety of leisure, recreation and sports facilities. During the reclamation around the lake created a recreation area with beach and landscaped grounds and opened at the Expo 2000 on June 1, 2000. The recreational activities are well accepted for sunbathing and swimming, as well as, inter alia, by sailors, windsurfers, kitesurfers, inline skaters and cyclists, so that the Cospuden has developed into a popular recreational area. In recent years, he was visited by an average of 450,000 people per season. In the course of Leipzig 's Olympic bid for 2012 competitions in rowing, triathlon and beach volleyball and various other activities were planned on Cospuden. The lake offers the following useful options:

Landscape Park North Shore

  • Entrance building with exhibition on the history of mining and landscape change in the south of Leipzig, as well as bicycle rental station,
  • 1.5 km long landscape and experience the axis of the entrance building to the beach area,
  • Tertiary Forest ( Arboretum ) consisting of plant communities and geological artifacts that remind us of the time of origin of lignite,
  • Water playground,
  • Beach pavilions with service stations (food, dressing, sanitary facilities ),
  • Dock for boat tours,
  • Event Stage,
  • Mini -golf course.

Since 2010 will be held on the last Sunday in July, the Th! Nk? Festival.

Zöbigker angle ( east bank )

  • Water Sports Centre Pier I ( canoeing, rowing, windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, diving school, boat rental, etc. )
  • 100 -meter-long Marina, with three lateral bars and berths for approximately 200 boats
  • Dock for boat tours,
  • Three great port houses, inter alia, with service stations, restaurants with lakeside terrace, Retail, sauna with lake access, sanitary facilities, apartments,
  • Nine-hole golf course.

Diocese height ( south shore )

  • Lookout tower (35 m, 180 steps ) on a artificial hill (135 m above sea level. NN ), view over the lake, the former Magpie Reservoir, the Belantis Amusement Park and the skyline of Leipzig
  • In an enclosure on the banks of grazed forest sika deer and bison herds.

West bank

  • Priority and reserved area for nature and landscape protection,
  • Ecological minimum interconnection between the protected areas in the north and Leipzig Canopy Elsteraue in the south.


  • Island mailbox,
  • Two islands with shipwreck
  • Eleven kilometers long circuit (fully paved bike and Skaterweg ) to the lake with connecting routes for example, after Markham, Belantis, Magpie Reservoir, Lake Kulkwitz, Grunau, Großzschocher, Schleußig, to the Southern floodplain forest and Agra
  • Boat trips with the MS Cospuden and the solar boat Solaria 1
  • A variety of events ( open-air cinema, dragon boat racing, long-distance swimming, concerts by the lake, readings, recitals, exhibitions, etc.)

The Batschke (now mostly Floßgraben ) connects the northern part of the lake is navigable (small boats) through the forests of the Elster splices floodplain with the splices and the lock on the Connewitzer armed with the White Elster. The located until 2013 flooding Zwenkauer lake is also connected via a three- kilometer-long, seven feet wide and five feet deep navigable ditch with the Cospuden. Both projects are considered as first steps towards the implementation of a water bond between the lakes in Leipzig New.

As part of this association a majority of the flooded opencast mining holes to be connected with each other and over the river with the city of Leipzig. This artificially connected water touristy usable Lakeland had not connected by the synergy effects due to the combination of urban landscape, water meadows and mining lakes better development and marketing opportunities as a series of individual lakes. Due to the high investments that are estimated to be 30-35 million euro, the involvement of private investors as well as finding more resilient support shaft and operating models for the implementation of the plans will be critical to success.


The southern part of the lake belongs to the sub-district of Zwenkau. This allows the registry office Zwenkau a ship wedding on the lake, offering aboard the MS Neuseenland. The MS Neuseenland, a Hamburg harbor launch, runs as a charter boat on the lake since 2003.


At the bridge street is a large visitor car park (in season charge) are available. From there it is less than 1 km to the north beach of the lake. In Zöbigker, and thus on the east beach, there are two additional parking spaces: the first is 500 meters from the pier I removed the second is thought right on the harbor and pier for boat owners and people with reduced mobility.

In addition to the traffic of the lake by public transport can be reached. It operates as the number 65 bus from the parking lot to the bridge street directly to the lake. This bus line of the lake also from Markham Station can be reached, at which pervert the regional trains towards Hof, Geithain and the S -Bahn line 2 ( Leipzig Hauptbahnhof- Markham - Gaschwitz ). Also in Zöbigker keeps the bus line 107 (Leipzig Conne Joke Markham - Gaschwitz - Zwenkau ), the bus stop is located less than 300 meters from the east beach away. During the summer months, from May to September, the lake is also the weekend with the extended 79 bus ( Thecla Stötteritz - Probstheida - Cospuden ) reachable.

The lake is further connected through a lock in the northern part of the Leipzig river and canal scenery. This makes it possible to drive from the city harbor in Leipzig to the lake. In the port not only smaller sailboats can create, but from the pier I wrong also an excursion boat. The system operated by the tourism and leisure GmbH ship MS Cospuden rides on the lake since 25 March 2000. It has an upper and a lower deck. A trip including yarn of Captain takes about an hour.