Cotswolds is a region of England called, which is sometimes also referred to as the heart of England. It is a hilly region that runs from southwest to northeast through six counties. These counties include, inter alia, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. North of the Cotswold Hills are bounded by the River Avon to the east by the city of Oxford, Cheltenham and the south -west through the valley of the Thames and towns such as Lechlade and Fairford on the River Coln.

In 1966, the Cotswold Hills were classified as an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The characteristic for the region limestone was used in many small towns and villages as a building material, as well as for the so-called wool churches. In the Middle Ages this region benefited much from the wool trade and this wealth was also used for the creation of religious buildings. The area has remained wealthy because wealthy London here often have a second home, or to put in this area to rest.

Typical cities in this region are Broadway, Burford, Chedworth, Chipping Norton, Moreton -in-Marsh, Painswick, and Stow -on-the -Wold. The village of Chipping Campden is known for its arts and crafts center, which was established by Charles Robert Ashbee beginning of the 20th century.