Council of Clermont (535)

The Council of Clermont was on November 8, 535 together in the city called Clermont- Ferrand today. It was chaired by Honoratus of Bourges.


There were a fifteen bishops, among them Flavius ​​Reims, Nicetius of Trier, Domitian Maastricht, hesperius of Metz, Verdun and Desideratur Grammaticus of Vindonissa.


It was decided, among other things:

  • It is prohibited to bishops, to make private or secular matters the subject of the Council's deliberations before the issues have been processed, requiring discipline;
  • It is forbidden to clerics, with respect to contact their disputes with bishops to the laity;
  • Be excommunicated those bishops who are trying to win the favor of princes, to go to the office of bishop, or the cause that fake election documents are signed.

The council spoke out forcefully against marriages between Christians and Jews, and marriages between relatives, as well as against the misconduct of clergy.