Country Music Association

The Country Music Association was founded in 1958 by business people on a meeting held in Nashville a Disc Jockey Association. Main task is to promote the commercial country music. Can become a member anyone who is professionally engaged in the country scene.

At its inception, the CMA had 223 members; 2010 you belong to more than 6000 individuals and organizations from more than forty countries. The first chairman was Wesley Rose, first president Connie B. Gay. Some times known stars like Tex Ritter and Gene Autry took over the presidency in later years.

Important promotional activities were 1961 the establishment of the Country Music Hall of Fame and since 1967 the annual award of the CMA Awards. The respective in late autumn held ceremony is broadcast nationwide on television and achieved extremely high ratings. Furthermore, the CMA organizes every year ( the former " Fan Fair " ), meet with their stars in June in Nashville, the several -day " CMA Music Festival " with more than 150,000 followers of country music.