County [ kaʊnti ] is the English name for the county. In many cases, the historical name but is also used for political administrative units or districts, where there are no projecting needle people.


  • County ( Ireland)
  • County ( Canada )
  • County ( United States)
  • County ( United Kingdom) County ( England)
  • County ( Scotland)
  • County ( Wales)

In Australia there are counties, but have no administrative purpose, but pure cadastral units.

Etymology and spelling

County originally stood for the area that was under the jurisdiction of a Count or an Earl. Both noble titles are in English usually translated as Count, with Earl the name for an English and Count is for a non- English earl. Derived from this, again double " Comte ," a French official title. See also there → Comte.

Also German language dictionaries list the word. The Duden defines the plural formation counties (as opposed to engl. Counties ) and genus as the proof. In Langenscheidt the English County neuter and the U.S. County is classified male.