A CD / DVD adjunct (also: Covermount or Heft-CD/DVD ) is a CD / DVD that is used by publishers and brand owners to make a publication or a commercial product more attractive and sales promotions.

They stick in the magazines or the goods are at. On the storage media is mostly stripped down demo and test software ( shareware ) but also music, audiobooks or complete feature films. Previously mostly a couple of free programs from the Internet ( freeware ) or older, scaled-down versions of the software formerly powerful software have been added as " full versions ". The latter provide the software manufacturer publishers sometimes even free of charge, to win customers for the latest versions of their software. The trend also goes to full-fledged software (such as computer games), music, movies are not quite up to date.

Meanwhile, music CDs, DVDs with blockbuster movies, documentaries or audio books used to promote sales. Not only magazine publishers put their newspapers like silver discs in, but also branded sat today on DVD or CD with an additional impulse to buy at the POS ( Point of Sale) set.

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