Coxless pair

The two coxless pairs or without coxswain is a class of boat in rowing where each rower operates an elevator ( belt ). Hence the alternative term belt - two. The two without the technically demanding boat class. This is partly due to the difficulty to maintain balance: Rowing boats are held mainly by the rudder in balance. In the two without any rower is solely responsible for one page and therefore must rely fully on his partner.

Stroke technique

A special feature of this class of boat is that while rowing with straps optimal stroke technique between the two places is different. If both row exactly the same, the boat runs clearly visible in wavy lines. It giert in dash clock. The reason is that the rowing exercise a different torque on the boat throughout the shock. In the first part of the stroke, when the belts are pivoted forward to the bow, grips the rudder blade of the front rower in a greater distance from the center of gravity of the boat into the water. This boat is driven in a slight curve, despite the same force on the rudder. In the rear part of the stroke, when the controls are turned to the rear, the conditions are reversed and the boat makes a slight curve in the opposite direction. Overall, the boat is indeed straight forward, but it loses by the constant cornering power.

With proper stroke technique, the energy loss can be minimized by wavy lines. The rowers must therefore draw the different torques on the boat during the stroke to compensate. The rear seated batsman should reach its maximum power a little earlier than the bowman.

In addition to the physiological characteristics come in two special requirements for the perception to bear. Due to the difference of the given options in the boat both rowers have to make do with different information and feedback. Good two - rowers are able to adapt to each partner.

Successful rowers in two coxless

As a successful two - rower Sir Matthew Pinsent in the story are (4 x Olympic gold and seven world titles ) and Sir Steve Redgrave (5 x Olympic gold and five world titles ). Outstanding achievements but also the German rower Bernd Voigt and Jörg country Landvoigt, the Olympic champion and four times world champion in this class of boat were washed twice.