CablePulse24 ( CP24 ) is a Canadian, 24 -hour, English-language news channel based in Toronto, Ontario. The broadcast studios of the station are located on the 299 Queen Street West. This station provides the Greater Toronto Area as well as the southern part of the province of Ontario. Are sent in addition to local, national and international news. The station is operated by Bell Media. The transmitter is fed into the local cable network, next to the station via satellite nationwide and receivable on the internet.


The transmitter received the transmission permission by the Canadian Authority Canadian Radio - Television and Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC ) in 1996. The transmitter began broadcasting its program under the branding Pulse 24 On 30 March 1998 launched the new stations as CablePulse24 ( CP24 ) and was beginning to owned by CHUM Limited and Sun Media.

On 1 December 2004 Chum Limited acquired the remaining shares of Sun Media and thus received the full control of the station. On 12 July 2006 CTVglobemedia announced a friendly takeover bid of the station for $ 1.7 billion. A year later, on June 8, 2007, the CRTC approved the acquisition of CHUM Limited. The Authority approved the acquisition subject to a condition, which implied that CTVglobemedia sells its CityTV stations. On 12 June 2007 Rogers announced that he will buy the CityTV station of CTVglobemedia for $ 375 million. Since 2011, the station belongs to Bell Media. As CTVglobemedia has been committed by the acquisition of The Sports Network characterized by the ( CRTC ) to do so.


In addition to general news and current breaking news following packages will be sent:

  • Animal House Calls - A program in which pet owners can call live, if they have health questions about their pets. The show will be broadcast on CP24 and Animal Planet every Tuesday evening at 19.00.
  • Car Shop - a program about cars and automotive technology. Posted this is at 20.00 clock on Sunday evening.
  • App Central - Business News is sent on BNN daily.
  • Before Breakfast - Vorfrühstücksfernsehen, with current economic and political news, as well as weather and traffic reports weekdays at 5:00 clock in the morning.
  • CP24 Breakfast - Breakfast TV, which is sent weekdays at 6:00 clock.
  • CP24 Breakfast Weekend Edition - breakfast television, which will be aired on weekends at 7:00 clock in the morning.
  • Hot Property - A consignment may be presented in the current real estate offers. If sent every Thursday at 19.15 clock.
  • On the Quarter - A special broadcast for private savers and investors, with asset managers of the Toronto - Dominion Bank. This broadcast is sent every three months.
  • Sex Matters is sent on Thursday and Friday evening at 22.30 clock.
  • Wylde on Health - Health magazine, which is sent every Friday evening at 19.10 clock.
  • Is Webnation sent Wednesday at 19.10 clock.

The transmitter has since 2008 on a Bell 206 helicopter, which is for journalistic reporting fully equipped.


The transmitter is fed into the regional digital cable network. Furthermore, the transmitter via Bell TV and Shaw Direct satellite is nationally receivable. The program will be transferred to the Internet and fed as IPTV in broadband networks of Bell Fibe TV and MTS.