Craig Armstrong (composer)

Craig Armstrong, OBE ( born April 29, 1959 in Glasgow ) is a Scottish composer of modern orchestral and film music, often with electronic elements.


Armstrong was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1959. He was there as a member of the bands Hipsway, Texas and The Big Dish a part of the local gang culture. He enjoyed a solid education in composition and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

In the late 80s he began his career with classical compositions for the Glasgow Tron Theatre, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish National Orchestra (now the Royal Scottish National Orchestra ) and the BT Ensemble. He was a composer and arranger for Madonna, U2, Bjork, Massive Attack and Tina Turner.

In 1984 he was Music and Dance specialist at the Strathclyde Regional Council. In 1985 he visited the Gulbenkian Course for composition and choreography. In 1990, Armstrong partly with his music theater group performance at the Glasgow Mayfest.

In 1996 he published his first film score for the film Romeo Juliet.


Both the soundtracks as well as his solo albums are characterized by pieces in which electronic sounds of classical instruments meet (piano, string orchestra ), and their arrangements are partly reminiscent of classical music. He often uses already known topics from work, eg with Massive Attack ( Sly ), and processes it into something new. He has also used a lot of guest musicians, such as on the album As If to Nothing Bono of U2 ( Stay, a U2 cover ) or Antye Greie Fox, singer of the German band Leaves, when the piece on Waltz German HTML - reads and JavaScript code.

At first glance Piano Works provides an exception as on this album presents Armstrong piano versions of some of his pop and film compositions as well as some new pieces. Due to the style of production ( much reverb, some electronic processing ) are Armstrong but also this album a pop flair.

Film Music

Solo albums

  • 2004: Piano Works
  • 2002: As If to Nothing


  • 2002: Golden Globe Award for Moulin Rouge
  • 2002: Anthony Asquith Award for Moulin Rouge
  • 2002: Satellite Award for Moulin Rouge
  • 2004: Grammy for Ray