Crazy Machines

  • Information about system requirements and USK refer to the first edition of the first game of 2004 and the first edition of Crazy Machines II from the year 2007.
  • Be installed for the Windows versions of new challenges and new from the laboratory and for Crazy Machines II must at least DirectX version 9.0c.

Crazy Machines (CM ) is a set of computer puzzle games from the years 2004 to 2010, which were developed by FACT Software GmbH. Puzzles in the form of physics experiments have to be solved in the games As with The Incredible Machine. Apart from a licensed edition at Oetinger Interactive they are marketed in the German version of the Novitas Publishing GmbH under the label Pepper Games and in the English version of Viva Media.

  • 2.2.1 Crazy Machines II (October 2007)
  • 2.2.2 Back to the workshop (March 2008)
  • 2.2.3 Crazy Machines 2 ( November 2008)


The individual levels, referred to here experiments consist of an array of solid and selbstplatzierbaren components that must be usefully combined into a kind of chain reaction in order to fulfill a task ( Rube Goldberg machine). Thanks to a realistic physics engine and the choice of variable elements ludicrous constructions can be built. Above all, children can recognize complex relationships and literally learn through play. Often the objective is very simple (eg, " light the candle " ), the solution, however, tricky (eg first a light bulb with power must be supplied, then a magnifying glass to light the wick of the candle). Among the components of, inter alia, the categories optics, electrical and mechanical systems include, for example wind turbines, balls, candles, solar cells and firework rockets. A level editor allows you to create your own experiments that can be combined into a laboratory and exchanged on the Internet.

Game releases

Crazy Machines

All versions of Crazy Machines can be played independently. Laboratories are not compatible across versions and can only be used in the game with which they were created.

The Inventor's Workshop ( early 2004 )

In 2004, The inventor's workshop has been published. The 3D graphics and a powerful physics engine that distinguishes it from similar games, such as The Incredible Machine, Professor Tim and Incredible Challenge. It is true riddles in 102 experiments to solve. These are about 60 components available. Due to the level editor was formed rapidly a small fan base that still experiments and laboratories exchanges with each other today. A junior lab with 51 rather simple experiments was provided some time after the release of the full version for free download.

In addition to the full version there is a free demo version with 7 playable levels. In addition, a special version was by the magazine c't special version with 45 experiments and from Toggo Clever Club issued with 30 experiments. The demo and special versions do not contain a level editor and you can play with them, only use the lab. The experiments of these laboratories are not included in the full version.

New challenges ( end of 2004)

New challenges also appeared in 2004. Among the new the now 70 components include, inter alia, a gravity generator, a robot and a Zeppelin. The game contains 103 new experiments and to a revised level editor. Also for this version was after some time a junior laboratory, this time with 40 experiments, available to download free.

In addition to the full version there is a free demo version with ten exclusive (ie, not contained in the full version ) experiments. Furthermore, a special version is published by Toggo Clever Club, in which the first 30 experiments of the full version are included.

Crazy Machines for Macintosh ( 2005)

The Apple Macintosh version (Mac) by Crazy Machines contains all the experiments (about 200 ) and components of " The Inventor's Workshop " and "New Challenges ". The level of import PC versions allowed the use of existing laboratories on the Mac. This version appeared in 2005.

The Wacky Contraptions Game ( 2005)

Also in 2005, the publisher Viva Media brought this English version for both the PC and the Macintosh out. Included are here but no new levels, but only the translated 205 experiments of The Inventor's Workshop and New Challenges. Laboratories that the users are created with this version compatible with the German version of New Challenges and vice versa.

News from the Lab (October 2005)

News from the Lab was released in October 2005. Besides 101 experiments and an improved level editor includes 12 components ( total of 90 ), including a paddle, a toaster and a timer, the innovations. Also, in this game there for the first time a bonus part ( a grouse - dummy), which is not available from the beginning, but is only unlocked by making progress in the main laboratory. Together with a patch that resolved mainly various graphics issues, a junior laboratory has also been provided to this game, but this time it contained only 20 new experiments.

The free demo version includes 10 playable experiments, which are not included in the full version.

Since 3 March 2006, the level pack is 2006, a document created by the developers as an add -on lab with 33 new experiments available. It can be ordered in the official online shop as a download version or a CD version commercially. In order to use is an installed full version of News from the Lab.

On 6 April 2007, the COMLAB, a free, arisen as a project of the gaming community with 96 new laboratory experiments appeared in similar quality as the official experiments, but with overall significantly higher difficulty.

The totally crazy Tüftelspaß (September 2006)

Published by Oetinger Interactive as hybrid CD for Windows and Mac OS X. The game contains 101 new levels with spoken word problems, all of which are suitable not so tricky and thus especially for preschoolers. There are also 11 new components such as leap frog, Hammerrad, building blocks, etc. For 13 other components, such as the gravity machine and the electrical resistance were omitted because their functioning is difficult to grasp for very young players.

Gold Edition ( March 2007)

Mid-March 2007 was again brought out a compilation of all previously released the Publisher Novitas Games of the Crazy Machines series under the label Pepper Games. Included here are not only the three original games The Inventor's Workshop, New challenges and new from the lab, but also all the accessories that were partly free, offered in the course of time, some for a fee (all experiments the demo versions, all junior laboratories and the above mentioned level Pack 2006). This issue was complemented by a package of 33 new experiments that are included exclusively in the Gold Edition. Furthermore, there is different bonus material on the CD, such as the Crazy Machines screensaver, various mobile phone ringtones and preview images and videos on Crazy Machines II

Crazy Machines 1.5: More Gizmos, Gadgets and Whatchamacallits (May 2007)

This issue, in turn, released by the U.S. publisher Viva Media offers similar to The Wacky Contraptions Game no new experiments, but the English translations of Games News from the Lab and the totally crazy Tüftelspaß. With the release of this CD are now all previous games of the CM series both in German and in English only.

Crazy Machines II

Crazy Machines II (October 2007)

The official second part, written shortly cm ², waits with greatly improved graphics and physics engine ( PhysX ). The game is in contrast to the previously published parts does not merely an elaboration or supplementation of previous versions, but one from scratch arisen project. Among the new features in addition to a number of previously unknown elements include an online area, publish experiment packages on the players from all over the world can download and evaluate. Also new is the fact that the game is based on a modular concept and the developers can hook up additions such as new items directly into the existing surface in the future. It is planned to provide both free and paid add-ons.

A demo version is available since 10 October 2007. The full version was announced on 15 October 2007 was isolated, however, be obtained from various online and direct retailers as early as 12 October 2007.

Crazy Machines II won the 1st place in the category Best German Youth Games 2007 at the German Developer Awards.

Back to the workshop (March 2008)

On 15 March 2008, the first expansion for Crazy Machines II, in addition to additional experiments also includes new components for the editor appeared. In contrast to the games of the CM1 series here is actually an add -on in the usual sense: The extension is not automatically run, but hooks into the main version and adds the new elements. The experiments of the expansion are compared with the experiments based version considerably more difficult and complex in players and critics circles.

Crazy Machines 2 ( November 2008)

This version is distributed by Nvidia and corresponds to the retail version of Crazy Machines II addition, it includes a new component to the shower head, which allows physically correct simulated water can be used in our own experiments. A laboratory with 20 water experiments is also included. Crazy Machines 2 is currently only available as a download version: On the run by Nvidia games portal nZone the full game is available and about the game portal Steam it can be purchased as an extension called Liquid Force Add-on unless the main game also bought through Steam been.

Crazy Machines DS

End of March 2008, the manufacturer has announced a version for Nintendo DS, which has come on the market in autumn 2008. The design of the experiments done by touch screen input. In addition to a level editor and some new or modified components, it is also a new game mode, which is less important puzzle solving, but on reaction and skill. Crazy Machines DS won in 2009 the German Computer Game Award in the category Best Mobile Game.

Crazy Machines 2 for DS / DSi

In October 2009, the second part appeared Crazy Machines for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi with new parts and more than 170 experiments.

Crazy Machines iPhone

As a second console implementation, this version was released in spring 2009 for iPhone and iPod Touch. As with the DS- free implementation of the elements are placed via touch screen. There are 50 experiments are very similar to the experiments of the category of the puzzle DS version.

Crazy Machines Action for the iPhone

The 2nd Crazy Machines Part for iPhone Crazy Machines Action, which appeared in December 2009, includes 60 new puzzles. The game principle is the same here as in the action game, the DS implementation.

Crazy Machines for Nintendo Wii

In Crazy Machines version for the Wii, which was released on 13 August 2010, in addition to the single player mode and a multiplayer mode is included for the first time, where you can play against each other or in a team.

Crazy Machines Elements

Crazy Machines Elements is actually just a port of the Wii version on the PC. This time, the developers have eliminated the need to voice output. After some time, Crazy Machines Elements was for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 released (available in the download shops ). The game was released on March 25, 2011.