Creo Elements/Pro

Creo Elements / Pro is a parametric 3D CAD software, also known as Pro / ENGINEER, Pro / E or ProE. Manufacturers of such Software is Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).


All objects are constructed in three dimensions and from this derived drawings, or put together multiple objects into assemblies.

Special features of Creo Parametric are:

  • Fully parametric: All geometries are fully dimensioned, a change in a dimension value causes a corresponding change in the geometry.
  • Bidirectional associative: a model changes are updated in all applications of the model, such as assembly drawing or derived NC model. A change in one dimension value in the derived drawing in turn causes the change of the underlying 3 -D model.
  • Construction elements -based: models are constructed from a few design and manufacturing typical elements such as bodies are pulled or rotated due to a sketch.

Creo Parametric runs on the Windows operating system, and IRIX, HP- UX and Solaris for 32 - and 64- bit systems. The support for Linux was discontinued as of Version Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0.

Creo Parametric always adds when saving a file a running total of file extensions ( Beispiel.prt.11 ). The data is encrypted in the Creo Parametric formats stored.

  • . prt (Part): extension of the individual components
  • . asm ( assembly ): extension of the modules
  • . drw (Drawing ): extension of the drawings
  • . frm ( format): extension of the drawing formats
  • . lay ( layout): extension of the drawing layouts


The company Parametric Technology Corporation ( PTC), founded in 1985 in 1988 to Pro / ENGINEER in the market. John Deere was the first customer. The Parametric Technology GmbH was founded in Germany in 1992.

The current version is Creo Parametric 2.0.

Areas of application

Very common is the program in the automotive industry for the design of drive train components, mechanical engineering and consumer goods industries. Among the largest and best-known users of Creo Parametric include Robert Bosch GmbH, STIHL, BMW AG, Siemens, Asea Brown Boveri, Ferrari, Festo, John Deere, Toyota, Motorola, Harley -Davidson, Omega, Boeing, Schindler elevators, Bucher Hydraulics, Liebherr, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Palfinger AG, Tognum AG, ZF Friedrichshafen, Endress Hauser and EGSTON.


A typical Creo Elements / Pro software package consists of various application-specific modules, which are summarized already in packages or individually to license.

Basic package ( Foundation XE )

Since the Wildfire versions of this package includes all major functions for constructing models and assemblies. The constructions can also be run as a sheet metal and welded assemblies. Likewise, the basic package includes a design tool for designing complex geometric and free -form surfaces. Also the appearance of photo-realistic graphics is possible. Units can be equipped with a kinematics and stored later as an animation sequence to illustrate in various video formats. Available for data exchange multiple output formats such as Step or IGES available.

Modernization package

Has advanced modules functionalities such as copying and geometry functionality to use existing geometry as a new component references. Further, the exchange modules are created and defined in the model zones as a simplified representation. From this package also extended output formats are available and it can be a compressed version to be created for data exchange.

Complete package (Enterprise XE, formerly Flex3C )

The Enterprise XE package offers the user a wide range of functionality. The package includes several modules such as:

  • Piping Design provides comprehensive and associative possibilities of the pipeline construction
  • BMX ( Behavioral Modeling Extension ) allows you to create pretended controlled design elements and possesses advanced analysis functions.
  • Cabling Design provides opportunities for the simple design, installation and documentation of complex cable harnesses.

Additional solutions, industry solutions

For different industries and specialized applications, additional modules are available such as:

  • Creo Toolkit as a programming (C, C )
  • Production Machining option to convert 3D data into NC programs

PTC product family

  • Creo Elements / Pro has been the Wildfire version (from 2002 ) as the first CAD system a built- in interface Browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported), which puts the system in a position to Web-based product and part of the standard databases such as the own product development system Windchill PDMLink to use integral.
  • FEM analysis is possible using Creo Elements / Pro Mechanica. The conditions can be discharged directly into Creo Elements / Pro on the model.
  • Windchill PDMLink and Pro / INTRALINK PDM systems are available for the management of design data available.
  • Since the acquisition of Mathsoft in 2006 is the possibility comprehensive math functions by the computer algebra system Mathcad in the Creo Elements / Pro interface to integrate
  • In June 2011, the product strategy has been completely renewed and introduced the Creo product family. This consists of a series of so-called apps that can be combined. One of these apps is Creo Parametric, in which the core technology from the earlier product Creo Elements / has flowed Pro ( formerly Pro / ENGINEER ). However, this app is not an update of Pro / E, or renaming.


  • Pro / ENGINEER 1-20
  • Pro / ENGINEER 2000i ( current week version 2.00111 million )
  • Pro / ENGINEER 2000i2 ( current week version 2.00208 million )
  • Pro / ENGINEER 2001 ( current version week 2.00503 million )
  • Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire ( current week version of M260 )
  • Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 ( current week version M280 )
  • Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 (current version week M250 )
  • Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 (current version week M220 )
  • Creo Elements / Pro 5.0 (formerly Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 ) (current version week M210 )
  • Creo Parametric 1.0 (current version week M050 )
  • Creo Parametric 2.0 ( current week version M100 )