Crested gecko

Caledonian crown Gecko ( Rhacodactylus ciliatus )

The New Caledonian Gecko crown ( Rhacodactylus ciliatus or Correlophus ciliatus ), belongs to the family of double finger geckos and was found only on the southern end of the island, New Caledonia. It is found only there and on the offshore Isle of Pines and is thus endemic. The geckos are arboreal and live in the canopy of trees in the hot, humid and lush lowland rain forests. Although the natural habitat of the Crested Geckos back by permanent destruction of the environment and on, he is not subject to international protection.

This species was lost until 1994, but was rediscovered by a team of biologists. The crown geckos were first described by Guichenot 1866.

The crown gecko is a crepuscular and nocturnal gecko and less shy than other species of the genus Rhacodactylus. Its activity begins at dusk and ends in the early hours of the morning. In contrast to all other species of its genus of the crown Gecko does not rest in knots but on the branches of trees. To sleep, he rolls up there. Rhacodactylus ciliatus is a very skilled climbers. Help him are his suckers and claws and his tail, which serves as an additional member for grasping and holding the balance. The animals have a breaking point on the tail and are thus able to throw these at risk. However, it forms the crown Gecko usually not a complete regrind.

Color forms

From Crested Geckos more natural color forms are observed: gray, brown, green, pale yellow and rust, and especially the colors with the names Unicolor, Bicolor, Fire, Tiger, Harlequin, Black Spotted, Painted Thigh.

The distribution of color forms is not determined geographically, and animals from the same oviposition often show different color forms.

Attitude in the terrarium

The export of wild Crested Geckos is strictly prohibited. Before these rules went into effect, biologists have (also later allowed biologists with special permits to export some animals ) and researchers exported to these types to examine some animals and breed. The crown Gecko is one of the best kept and bred gecko species in the world.

Crested Geckos reach old age. Since these animals were rediscovered, is an exact age is not known. It assumes, however, that the animals are reaching an age of 20-25 years.