Crimea Germans

Krimdeutsche is the name for a German -speaking communities on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine today.


From 1783 there was a deliberate settlement of Russians, Ukrainians and Germans in Crimea in the former Crimean Khanate, where a government Taurien was established in the colonization area New Russia in order to weaken the position of the local Crimean Tatars.

In 1939, two years before the deportation of Germans from Russia to Central Asia in August 1941, were from then 1.1 million inhabitants about 60,000 German origin, corresponding to almost 5.5% of the total population. Only in the context of perestroika Krimdeutsche were able to return to the Crimea again.


Mother colonies

  • Friedental (now Kurortne / Курортне )
  • Heilbrunn (now Prywitne / Привітне )
  • Herzberg (now Pionerske / Піонерське )
  • Kronental (now Koltschuhyne / Кольчугине )
  • Novi Sad (now Krasnohirske / Красногірське )
  • Rosental (now Aromatne / Ароматне )
  • Stary Krim
  • Sudak
  • Zürichtal (now Solote Pole)

Daughter colonies

  • ( German ) Akscheich (now Rosdolne )
  • Neudorf (part of Kirowske )
  • Kitai (now Libknechtiwka )

Current Situation

Of the approximately 2.5 million inhabitants of which now belong to Ukraine Crimea are about 3,000 German origin. Today, the Crimea is only a way station to Germany for younger German descent. The German Association of rebirth is a deputy in the Parliament of Crimea since 1994.