Crimean Astrophysical Observatory

The Crimean Observatory is an astrophysical observatory on the Crimean peninsula.


The former Soviet body exists today

  • From the observatory in Nautschnyj, about 30 km from Simferopol (560 m high )
  • And the branch Simejis, 16 km south-west of Yalta ( at about 200m altitude, 44 ° 24 '46 "N, 33 ° 59 ' 30" O44.41282222222233.991586111111 ).


The observatory in Simejis existed since 1900. Those days it was founded as a private observatory and later, in 1912, from the Pulkovo Observatory (south of St. Petersburg ) adopted as the southern outpost. After the destruction of the Second World War, it was built up again in 1948. We also find the 120 cm reflecting telescope of the former Berlin -Babelsberg Observatory was dismantled as reparations and built together with its dome in Simejis again.

The decor in Nautschnyj is younger and was not completed until 1949. The collapse of the Soviet Union is one of the Observatory of the Ukraine, but there are in addition to cooperation with European scientists also a close cooperation with Russia.

Features and Tasks

The observatory is equipped with a 65 -cm Maksutov telescope, two reflectors with 1.2 m and 2.6 m opening, a coronagraph, two solar towers and a 40 -cm double astrograph equipped. Also located in Simejis a 22 - m radio telescope.

In Nautschnyj the southern branch of the State Sternberg Institute is also housed for Astronomy at the Moscow State University.

The research focus of the observatory lies in the fields of solar physics, the observation of binary systems, the radial velocity of stars and the study of quasars.