Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is an American television series that first aired on CBS on September 22, 2005. In the series, the work of the FBI in surgical case analysis ( "profiling" ) by the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU ) is represented (English for " behavioral analysis unit " ) from Quantico ( Virginia). Criminal Minds differs from other series by focusing on the particular criminals and less on the crime in general.

The ninth season of the series will be broadcast in the United States since 25 September 2013. The 200th episode of the series in which Paget Brewster made ​​a guest appearance, was sent on 5 February 2014 in the United States. A tenth season of the series was ordered in March 2014.

  • 4.1 United States
  • 4.2 Germany
  • 4.3 Austria
  • 4.4 Switzerland


Main Characters

Aaron " Hotch " Hotchner

Derek Morgan

Dr. Spencer Reid

Jennifer " JJ " Jareau

Penelope Garcia

David Rossi

Dr. Alex Blake

Supporting Characters

Former characters

Instrumentation and synchronization

Shemar Moore ( 2012)

A. J. Cook ( 2010)

Kirsten Vangsness (2007)

Joe Mantegna (2010)

Mandy Patinkin (2008)

Paget Brewster (2010)

Rachel Nichols (2012 )

Jeanne Tripplehorn (1992 )


  • Patinkin and Gibson have in the series Chicago Hope - A Streetcar Named Hope worked.
  • Patinkin, which is in the series Gideon, himself a son named Gideon.
  • The second season Sat.1 beamed from a different radiation pattern than the CBS, series premiere and ATV. The two episodes of " The Sign " and " God's judgment " was the transmitter until 23 December 2007. Sat.1 wanted to make the action happening around Dr. Spencer Reid is not " tear apart ". A further change saw the series on February 3, 2008, when by Numbers - is replaced The logic of the crime, even though three episodes were unshown. These were shown on Thursdays from February 14, 2008 at 22.15 clock, since the consequences due to the G -16 classification could be sent only after 22:00 clock.
  • The 13th episode of season 4 has not yet been aired on Sat.1, so that only 25 was the result of number of season 4 instead of 26 episodes produced. This episode but was then shown in the repetition of Season 4 on September 11, 2010.
  • Also in season 5, which ran on satellite 1 in 2010 and 2011, some episodes were seen only from 22.15 clock due to the FSK-16 rating. Due to this limitation, a satellite has 1 decided to send all the consequences as double episodes.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler has already resulted in several episodes directed.
  • Although never mentioned in the credits, the original acting as a technical consultant Jon Barton has played as SWAT Leader in over 60 episodes.
  • Almost all the episodes begin and end with a quote from a famous person, spoken by one of the leading actors.
  • A great feature is the relation to reality within the series dar. Thus all cases are based on real crimes, however, alienated, so that no party of a crime can be seen in the series itself. Also the cases, according to showrunner Ed Bernerro were significantly attenuated. The core of the plot is thus real, everything else but only fiction. A researcher is employed for Criminal Minds extra, whose sole job it is to look for real cases.
  • In the series is JJ mother of a son, Henry. This is the child actor Mekhai Andersen ( * 2008) embodies. Andersen is in real life the son of AJ Cook.

Charisma and ratings

United States

The first broadcast of the series runs on the U.S. television network CBS, it airs since 22 September 2005.


On German television series running on the free-TV private channel Sat.1 since 13 August 2006. Since 1 March 2007, the series can also be seen in the German pay- TV. Premiere series beamed from the first two season, from season three Criminal Minds will be aired on 13th Street Universal.


In the Austrian television series running on the private channel ATV on 10 August 2006. Since February 1, 2012, the transmitter pulse radiates 4 old episodes from, starting with the 1.Staffel. From 22 January 2013, the station ATV exudes 2 old episodes, beginning with the 6.Staffel.


In the Swiss television series running on the private channel 3 Plus TV since April 4, 2007.

DVD releases

In the U.S., the first two seasons have been released on 28 November 2006 and 2 October 2007. The third and fourth season was released 16 September 2008 and 8 September 2009. Season five, six and seven were held on September 7, 2010, September 6, 2011, and on September 4, 2012. Publication of the eighth season on 10 September 2013.

In Germany, the first season is completely released on six DVDs with the German, English and Italian soundtrack. Released the set after Rated 16 The playing time is 911 minutes, also are making- ofs like an interview with Matthew Gray Gubler, deleted scenes and Easter Eggs available. The second season was released there on March 6, 2008. Playing time of 911 minutes is provided with the audio and subtitles of the languages ​​German, English and Italian. The FSC has the 6 DVDs again provided with the ages 16. The third season was released on 2 April 2009 with a total playing time of 825 minutes. In addition to the German soundtrack is also an Italian and English available. The FSC has also released the third season from 16 years. The fourth season was released on 1 April 2010 on 7 DVDs. On 15 April 2011, the fifth season was released on DVD in Germany. The complete sixth season was released on May 24, 2012 on DVD in Germany. The FSC has for the first time a squadron from 18 years released in this series, since the series is excessively more and more violence. The Complete Seventh Season on 5 DVDs was released on March 7, 2013; again with an age rating of 16 years. The Complete Eighth Season was released on 20 February 2014, the FSK awarded in this season again a release from 16 years.

Episode List


Due to the large success of Criminal Minds, the producers wanted to shoot a 2008 spin-off, but NCIS: Los Angeles was awarded the contract. The end of 2009 gave CBS announced that a spin-off was in production. The cast of the spin -offs was presented in a backdoor pilot in the episode 5x18 of Criminal Minds. This episode, entitled " struggle for survival " ( Original title: The Fight ) which was aired in the U.S. on 7 April 2010 and in Germany on July 18, 2010 The branch is entitled. "Criminal Minds: Team Red " ( Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior ) and aired from February to May 2011 after Criminal Minds. On 17 May 2011, the setting of the format was announced.



  • 2006 - ASCAP Award - Best TV Series (Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon)


  • 2006 - People's Choice Award - Best New Drama Series