The community Crinitzberg with its districts Bärenwalde, Lauterhofen and Obercrinitz located in the Saxon district Zwickau. It belongs to the administrative community Kirchberg.

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Geographical Location

Bärenwalde located in Rödelbachtal. Obercrinitz and Lauterhofen lie in neighboring Crinitztal. Between Obercrinitz and Bärenwalde is the eponymous Crinitzberg ( 573m asl), which both valleys from each other. The places are in Kirchberg granite region at an altitude 400-610 m above sea level. Snow Mountain is located 10 km north-east, Reichenbach 16 km west and 19 km north of Zwickau.

Neighboring towns

Community structure

Crinitzberg consists of three parts:

  • Bärenwalde
  • Obercrinitz with Herlagrün
  • Lauterhofen with Lauterholz



1912 Lauterholz was umgemeindet of Hirschfeld after Lauterhofen. 1950 Herlagrün of Wildenau after Obercrinitz was umgemeindet. In 1970 the incorporation Lauter Hofens after Obercrinitz. 1994 merged Obercrinitz and Bärenwalde the new community Crinitzberg, where Lauterhofen got back his district status.



Mayor of Crinitzberg is Steffen Pachan.

Local partnerships

Since September 1991, a partnership with Alsbach in Hesse. Also the volunteer fire departments of Haehnlein Obercrinitz and entertain since 1992 partnership relations. The Bears Walder Volunteer Fire Department is, however, in contact with the community Modautal that as Alsbach also located in the district of Darmstadt- Dieburg.


The Lutheran. Parish Bärenwalde belongs with the neighboring Lichtenau in Erzgebirgskreis to a parish with the church in Hartmann bei Kirchberg in church district Zwickau. The Lutheran. Parish of St. John in Obercrinitz with Lauterhofen forms a parish with the neighboring communities in Wildenau and Stangengrün within the Ephorie Zwickau. In Obercrinitz there is still a country Church community.

Public institutions

The municipal office of the municipality Crinitzberg located in the district Bärenwalde. There is, since 2004, a branch of the city Kirchberg, with the Crinitzberg has an administrative community.


In Bärenwalde there is a reason private school. The middle school was closed Obercrinitz middle of the first decade of the 21st century.


Bärenwalde located in Rödelbachtal on the road from Kirchberg to Rothenkirchen. Obercrinitz and Lauterhofen lie in neighboring Crinitztal. Since 1893 had Bärenwalde and Obercrinitz each with a station connected to the narrow gauge railway Wilkau- Haßlau -Carl field. The route closure on the section between Saupersdorf at Kirchberg and Rothenkirchen took place in 1970.

Economy and infrastructure

In the community Crinitzberg there is a commercial area.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Rudolf Dittrich (* 1855 in Bärenwalde, † 1929 in Leipzig), politician, mayor of Plauen ( 1893-1900 ) and Leipzig ( 1908-1917 )
  • Gertrud Drechsler ( 1896 Bärenwalde, † 1984 in Kirchberg), dialect poet of the Western Ore Mountains.
  • Frank Bretschneider (* 1956 in Obercrinitz ), musician and video artist