Crises is a studio album by the British musician Mike Oldfield from the year 1983. Crises is also the title of the first piece on the album.

Based on its success with their previous album Five Miles Out Oldfield sat again on the principle: Page 1 ( the former LP) with a long instrumental piece ( 21 minutes), page 2 with a short instrumental piece and four sung songs. In the booklet Oldfield writes: ' One side is very commercial ( ... ) while the other is more the stuff I want to do for personal satisfaction. It's a case of keeping everybody happy ' ( ' One side is very commercial (...) while the other rather contains the material that I create for personal gratification. Both sides are happy '). Only in 1990 presented with Oldfield Amarok again a purely instrumental album and thereafter remained there to this day. Oldfield joined this album by a trilogy called Taurus with the two predecessors and QE2 Five Miles Out - on Crises there is Taurus 3 However, the three titles except the name and the fact that they are all instrumentals, musical nothing in common. The album contains the most commercially successful extraction Moonlight Shadow and opens with a modification of the Tubular Bells theme. From Shadow on the Wall, there are two versions; Crises contains the short version ( 3:08 minutes); the best-of album element contains the long version ( 5:07 min).

In September 2013 re-release ( a 5 -disc set regular remastered CD, deluxe edition with live recordings, CD / DVD and as lim. Vinyl edition in transparent green) was released by Universal Music of Crises in various formats.

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UK # 6, D # 1, A # 2, CH # 5, S # 1, N # 1