Cristian Vogel

Cristian Vogel (born 1972 in Chile ) is a British DJ and musician in the field of electronic music.


Cristian Vogel was born in 1972 in Chile, but grew up in Birmingham and Brighton. He now lives in Berlin.

About skate punk and various unsuccessful bands he arrived in the late 1980s to electronic music. In 1990 he produced his first album, which was based on minimal breakbeats. The record stores bought him from the entire run. As of 1991, Bird studied at the University of Brighton " music of the twentieth century." His tutor was a former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen. At the University he was for the first time a modern gym. Together with Si Begg, he ran a small cassette label at this time. 1992 Cristian Vogel sent a demo tape to Dave Clarke. The two began working together in the studio. This resulted in the first official bird Release "The Infra EP".

1993 and 1994 published bird on the famous label Mille Plateaux several EPs. There was also a collaboration with Thomas P. Heckmann. 1994 also appeared the first Cristian Bird Album: " Beginning to Understand". From then on, was booked Cristian Vogel as a DJ all over Europe. In 1997, Bird with the techno scene from " All Music has come to an End ." Vogel began with the British singer Jamie Lidell under the name Super Collider work.

As part of his record label " Rise Robots Rise", he also created the No- Future Forum, a discussion platform for musically like-minded people.

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