Crocodile River (Mpumalanga)

Crocodile River upstream of Kwena Dam

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The Crocodile River (English: Crocodile River ( East), Afrikaans: Krokodilrivier ( Oos ) ) is a river in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa. It has a catchment area of ​​10,446 square kilometers.

The Crocodile River is in contrast to the Crocodile River West - also known as Crocodile River East - flows into the Limpopo.

The Crocodile River rises north of Dullstroom in Mpumalanga in the Steenkamp Mountains. After the Kwena Dam, the river runs through the Schoemanskloof to Montrose waterfall. From there, it flows eastward at Mbombela over to the Kruger National Park and forms its southern border. In Komatipoort it flows into the Komati.

A large part of the river water is used for irrigation. This dries the flow in the low rainfall months of sometimes almost completely.