Crook and Ladder

  • Homer Simpson: Norbert Gastell (German )
  • Marge Simpson: Anke Engelke (German )
  • Bart Simpson: Sandra Schwittau (German )
  • Lisa Simpson: Sabine Bohlmann (German )

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Fire and prey (English title: Crook and Ladder ) is the nineteenth episode of the eighteenth season of the series The Simpsons. She won the Prism Award in 2008.


Homer sleepwalk, why Bart manages to drive his father to different places. When Homer wakes up while driving, he accidentally runs into a fire station. He spilled a pot of chili, then slip all of the firefighters. The injuries are so large that they are not able to extinguish the fire. Homer feels guilty and returns with Apu, Skinner and Moe to a volunteer firefighter. In his first race he deletes an Italian restaurant and gets a reward free food. For the other fires they are amply rewarded. However, they are disappointed when they save the miserly multi-millionaire C. Montgomery Burns. A single thank you is not Genung for the firemen and they steal from Burns by denote the objects as smoke damaged. In the next purchase house fires, they can also go with prey, after which Homer is discovered by his family. Homer disappointed children take him to rethink. Apu and Moe - Skinner left the Feuerweher because he was against the theft - stealing come in a life-threatening situation. Homer saves both and becomes a hero. All the stolen property is then sent to the slums.