Cross country running

Cross Country or Cross Country Running is a variation of the sport of running, in which the rapid passage of profiled terrain off-road in the foreground. Cross Country is coordinatively demanding compared to road running or running on the track.

Cross Country will be held in the winter months for some time after completion of the athletics season. For decades, the cross-country running in preparation for the upcoming race season was popular and welcome. The championships began in February at the country level, increased further until March at the federal level, the European Championships, including the World Champion Cross. For some years, however, the order is reversed. In November, actually the classic recreation month in athletics, the Championships will take place.

The course must be in an open or wooded area, be as covered with grass and with natural obstacles, which, however, the runner should not jeopardize ( no deep ditches, steep ascents and descents or high walls ). The runs are held usually on a circuit of 1750 m to 2000 m in length.

Cross Country was 1912-1924 Olympic sport and is a sub-discipline of the modern pentathlon until today.

Championship Cross Country

In addition to the World Cross Country Championships, there are national and continental ( for Europe since 1994, see European Cross Country Championships ) championships.

At the World Cross Country Championships currently following path lengths need to be addressed:

  • Men: about 12 km
  • Women: about 8 km
  • Juniors: about 8 km
  • Junior Women: about 6 km


The site is also running a sub- sport tournament in the dog sport with a distance of 2 km and 5 km.